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What is Illinois Women in Leadership (IWIL)?

IWIL exists to promote professionalism and develop members' leadership and management abilities. This is done through education, mentoring, networking, member participation, encouragement as well as support, friendship and community involvement.

Join us for our next event in July, all members and guests are welcome to attend the ATHENA Leadership Award Dinner. It will be held Thursday, July 25 at 5:30 p.m. in Erin's Pavilion at Southwind Park. Click here for registration & details.


Congratulations to our 2019 ATHENA Award Nominees!

Dr. Jane Arbuthnot
Jen Call
Dr. Tanya DeSanto
Donna Jean Gibney
Natalie Hudgens
Julie Janssen
Connie Matrisch
DeDe Murphy
Jan Schramm
Stacey Skrysak

To learn more about this event, our nominees, or to register, visit the ATHENA webpage.

Women's Symposium - September 26


IWIL Credo

"I will ...make things happen,
promote professionalism,
seek educational opportunities,
encourage others,
climb the ladder,
empower others,
educate the world,
make a difference, 
do more than my part, 
provide the initiative, 
take action, 
implement ideas, 
be involved in the process, 
give back to the community,
and leave a legacy.”

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Our organization is completely volunteer-led, from the Board of Directors, to special event volunteers, to our Scholarship Committee. Joining a committee is a great way to get to know other IWIL members and serve our community. We host several large-scale events each year including the Women's Symposium and ATHENA Leadership Award, and we need YOU to make each of these a success! If you have a desire to learn new professional skills or would like to grow personally, there is a way for you to contribute as an IWIL committee member.

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