Community Health Giving Circle (CHCG)CHGC Logo

Mission: To promote the good health of our community. 

Giving circle members collectively decide where to donate their pooled gift. 
IWIL members now have the opportunity to join IWIL-CHGC and participate in the power of collective giving. Together we can amplify our charitable impact!

Benefits of joining IWIL-CHGC:

  • Amplify impact:  Collective giving amplifies charitable awards.
  • Connection to community:  Helps us discover the true needs of our community.
  • IWIL spirit:  Collaborating together connects us to each other.
  • Satisfaction in seeing balance grow:  The IWIL-CHGC fund at the Community Foundation of the Land of Lincoln (CFLL) is invested with a  focus on growth and continued grant giving into perpetuity.  The balance and grant amounts have grown every year.  Since 2018, a total of $40,530 has been awarded by CHGC to charitable non profits!

How the process works:

  • Joining is easy:  Click here to join and complete the CHGC membership form and donate a minimum of $250 to the IWIL-CHGC fund. (Note: membership is only open to IWIL members.)
  • Members vote on which area of health to support:  Health needs are diverse; poverty, homelessness, food insecurity, mental health and more.  By looking at the Community Needs Analysis put out by area hospitals, the CHGC committee will present options to members to vote on which health need to focus on for the year.
  • Choose from list of charitable requests:  The CFLL Community Grants Program will provide a list of grant requests from area non profit organizations.  CFLL does the heavy lifting of gathering the applications. CHGC members will then participate in the enjoyable process of voting on which requests fit the Health Focus Area to choose where to award grant money!
  • Members have even more opportunities:  Members have the option to serve on the IWIL-CHGC Committee and participate in special IWIL-CHGC events such as voting meetings, grant awards reception, membership appreciation social or pop-up social events.

Friends of CHGC - option for social membership:

  • For those who want to support the CHGC mission at a lower amount, it is possible to join as a friend without voting benefits.

  All payments are 100% tax deductible and will go directly to the IWIL-CHGC Fund at CFLL. CFLL assists in decisions on how much to award as grants for the year and will keep the balance invested with a growth focus for future giving.