2023 High School Scholarship Recipients

2023 Scholarship Recipients
Kaylee Ngyuen (Springfield High School), University of Illinois Chicago, Computer Science & Design, $1500, sponsored by Horace Mann
Crystal Chen (Springfield High School), Northwestern University, Computer Science, $1500
Jenna Sharp (Auburn High School), Illinois College, Biology with a concentration in Pre-Veterinary Medicine, $1500
Michelle Ye (Springfield High School), University of Illinois Chicago, Computer Science with minor in Psychology, $1500

2023 Chrysalis Scholarship Recipient

Jennifer Grafelman
Jennifer Grafelman, Walden University, MBA, IDOT, $1500

2022 Scholarship Recipients

2022 reception
Mikala Lindsay, University of Chicago, $1000
Geneice Thompson, University of Wisconsin, $1000
Julie Mitra, Imperial College of London, $1000
Emily Ye, Northwestern, $1000
Braylee Gilmore, Lincoln Land, $1000 

2022 Chrysalis Scholarship
Maria Rose, Lincoln Land, $1000

2021 Scholarship Recipients

scholarship recipients 2021

Sheri Jennet (Chrysalis recipient) Lincoln Land Community College – Information technology
Josie Schnelton (Auburn High School) Missouri University of Science and Technology – Chemical Engineering
Tegan Wharton (Ball Chatham School District) Bellmont University – Pre-Med
Madilyn Arnold (not pictured above Rochester High School) Purdue University – Chemical Engineering
Adrianna Tolliver (Ball Chatham School District) Illinois State University – Bilingual Elementary Education and Psychology

2020 High School Scholarships
Lillianna Maguire, Lanphier High School
Zoe Chase, Springfield Southeast High School
Kenya Apongule, Springfield Southeast High School

2020 Chrysalis Scholarship
no recipient

2019 High School Scholarships
Erin Gheen, Springfield High School, $1,000
Christina Huffman, Lanphier High School, $1,000
Katelynn Paulen, Lanphier High School, $1,000

2019 Chrysalis Scholarship
Emma Todd, University of Illinois at Urbana, $1,000

2018 High School Scholarships
Emma Bolinger, Springfield High School, $1,000

Marley Stubblefield, Rochester High School, $1,000
Hannah Wyatt, Springfield High School,  $1,000

2018 Chrysalis Scholarship
Diana Ford, Lincoln Land Community College, $1,000

2017 High School Scholarships

Julia Ares, Pleasant Plains High School, $1,000
Carmensa Remolina, Springfield Southeast High School, $1,000
Alina Sinha, Springfield High School, $1,000

2017 Chrysalis Scholarship
Yvette Cundiff- Granzeau, University of Illinois - Springfield, $1,000

2016 High School Scholarships
Michelle Hedlund, Pleasant Plains High School, $1,000
Kaylee Nichols, Williamsville High School, $1,000
Janek Squibb, Glenwood High School, $1,000

2016 Chrysalis Scholarship
Eryn Krueger, Benedictine University, $1,000
2015 High School Scholarships
Courtney Chapman, Rochester HS, $1,000
Bridget McClain, Sacred Heart-Griffin HS, $1,000
Kaitlyn Fleigle, Chatham Glenwood HS, $1,000

2015 Chrysalis Scholarship
Eryn Krueger, Benedictine University, $1,000
2014 High School Scholarships
Alana Aragon, Glenwood High School
Marissa Byers, Glenwood High School
Elizabeth Hamill, Springfield High School

2014 Chrysalis Scholarship
Jaime Hawk, St. John's College of Nursing

2013 High School Scholarships
Tare Emuze, Southeast High School
Anna Gates, Springfield High School
Natalie Knox, Springfield High School

2013 Chrysalis Scholarships
Jennifer Whitcomb, Robert Morris Univeristy
Caaroline Ziogas, University of Illinois Springfield

2012 High School Scholarships
Maggie Cornelius, Springfield High School
Gwendolyn Nuding, Rochester High School
Katie Price, Tri-City High School

2012 Chrysalis Scholarship
Donna Webb